Eastern Ontario Soccer League

2023 Under 8 Festivals

We are excited to have some new hosts for the U8 festivals this year, giving the kids a chance to see some new fields, and travel a bit as a team.

The 2023 U8 Festivals will be held on the following Sundays:

  1. June 25th - OSU
  2. July 16 - Russell
  3. August 20 - Petawawa
  4. September 10 - Ottawa City

Typically the girls run between 9am and 11am and the boys between 11am and 1pm. That can be adjusted. It might not be wise to have the boys playing at the hottest part of the July and August days.

The team fee is $50.00 per festival.

Teams can register for any number of festivals that they'd like.

Club reps must register teams within 4 weeks of each festival. (Individual coaches can't register teams)

Register Here

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